Worth the Money? : Birchbox Subscription

I have been a long time believer in and subscriber to Birchbox. For $10 you get a box, curated with products expecially for you based on a survey you fill out. You’ll answer questions about your product preferences, hair type, skin type, etc.

So first, lets discuss some of the PROS of Birchbox.

First the price, $10 a month for 5-6 products, is pretty reasonable. Sometimes the samples are pretty large and you’ll be able to get several uses out of them and really get a feel for if you’d like to buy the full size or not.

Next, you’ll get to try a lot of brands you have never heard of before or can’t find in stores.

Some of the products are really high end and you might not have tried them otherwise. 

You’ll get a wide variety of skincare, make up and other random products.

Having a ton of samples around can be so convenient! Sometimes I run out of shampoo and need a quick solution. Sometimes I need something small to travel with.


Some of the products you’ll receive will be pretty small and only good for one use. I kinda hate when they send me a single use shampoo or conditioner sample packet. I want to try it 2-3 times before I buy!

I get really excited when I get a sample of a product I have been wanting to try, BUT sometimes I get such obscure brands/products that I wish my sample was something more interesting.

Sometimes the full size of a product is just way to expensive and trying the sample doesn’t really do my any good because I am not going to drop $89 for a face oil.

There are months that I just think, “I should have just spent that $10 on something I knew I wanted instead.”

Still undecided? That’s okay. There are months I am still undecided on how I feel about it too. While some months are a little disappointing, for the most part I feel like paying $10 a month for it is worth the money! I definitely recommend trying it for a few months and seeing how it suits you. The Birchbox shop is often adding new brands and new samples to keep things interesting.

What is your favorite beauty box subscription? Are you a Birchbox lover?

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