Why I don’t buy drugstore makeup (and how it saves me money!)

 First, let me start by saying, I almost never pay full price for any beauty products. There is almost always a way to get some sort of discounted price.

I have wasted SO much money on the wrong products. On foundations, concealers and lip products that are the wrong color, or too drying. And on blushes and eye shadows that have poor pigmentation, or are too chalky. Because I didn’t like what I got first time, I keep trying. Because it’s only like $5 or $8 or whatever. But The problem is I just keep buying and buying to find what I love, or every time I walk into Target I wander the makeup aisles and spend a few dollars here AND there. All the sudden at the end of the month I have spent $50? $100? on random drugstore makeup to try out.

But here’s the deal. When I go to Ulta or Sephora or a department store I get to walk around and feel the makeup. I can see the color and the texture. I can try it on. I could go put on a full face of makeup using whatever products I feel so inclined to sample and that would be totally okay. This gives me an opportunity to really decide how I feel about a product before I buy. Yes, a foundation may cost me $30-40 but I can buy it feeling completely confident that it will be the right shade and coverage for me. And if for some reason it is not everything I hoped it would be some of those stores (like Nordstrom and Sephora) have amazing return policies and you can return anything, any time. 

There are some products that I am more comfortable purchasing from the drugstore. If you do your research, mascara tends to be pretty similar in what it does for everyone and reviews are really helpful in selecting the type of product you prefer. There are also some drugstore products out there that many beauty bloggers and YouTubers rave about that might be worth checking out. But for everything else, I’d rather try it out and sample it for myself BEFORE purchasing so I can make sure I am only spending my money on products I love.

What do you think? Is it worth taking chances on more inexpensive drugstore products? Or would you prefer forking out the cash for high end makeup?

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3 thoughts on “Why I don’t buy drugstore makeup (and how it saves me money!)

  1. Felicia

    This post is so spot on. I was literally reminiscing in my mind all the times I’ve wandered Target and CVS and buying makeup here and there that I didn’t like. I really love Ulta and Sephora. Ulta even lets you build up points for cash back and I never feel any awkwardness from returning things that didn’t work for me. Great post!



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