Which Skirt Style is Best for Your Body?

Nothing makes me feel discouraged about the way I look quite like skirts! What’s the deal, skirts?! But here is the sad fact, my (short) curvy shape cannot get away with wearing whatever skirt I feel like wearing. However, wearing the right skirt for your shape can definitely pay off and flatter your figure.

Curvy Girls


If you have a curvy figure, try a fitted skirt that hugs and shows off your shape. You can never go wrong with a classic pencil skirt. 

Boyish Figure


If you are lacking in shape, wear a skirt that will emphasize your hips. Experiment with prints and bows, and fun details that draw attention your your hips.

Apple Shaped

If you have an apple shaped figure, you want to emphasize your waist line and flares out, which will show off your legs!

Pear Shaped 


If you are larger on bottom than you are on top, you are pear shaped. Go A-line skirts the emphasize your waist and accommodate fuller hips. Tuck or wear shirts around your natural waist.

(Featured image: modcloth.com)

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