Weight Loss Motivation Jar

Losing weight is hard! And since having my third baby, losing weight has been really, really hard! Not only am I working my butt off (literally) to drop some ell-bees, but I am trying to stay motivated! Weight loss can be a long wrong, especially if you chose to indulge in 50 pounds of pregnancy cravings. My point is, I am constantly searching for little things here and there to keep my motivated and has been my favorite lately!


The concept is pretty simple. I use glass marbles, the kind you buy at any craft store, and fill a jar with the number of marbles to represent the number of pounds I have to lose. The other jar is where I get to move my little marble to when I lose weight! This in itself will not necessarily make you lose weight. But for me, I like to be able to visualize what I have to do and what I have accomplished. There is something to rewarding about moving a marble or two over to my pounds lost jar!

What keeps you motivated through the ups and downs of weight loss?

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1 thought on “Weight Loss Motivation Jar

  1. Lizz

    I like this idea a lot. Anything to motivate oneself is a bonus. Thanks, I will be putting my extra marbles towards this motivation technique.


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