Valentine’s Day Mailbox for Kids

I LOVE Valentine’s Day. Well, let’s be honest. There isn’t really a holiday I don’t love. I just love any reason to decorate, eat sweets, craft and give gifts.

But I really, really love Valentine’s Day! So naturally, when I saw these cute little mail boxes in the dollar section had Target, I had to have them for my kids.


I cut some vinyl and put their names on the sides, but you could use a sharpie or paint if you are extra talented. Or pass on the name all together, lets me honest, they don’t really care! I stuffed the mailboxes with a few little (cheap) gifts for each of them and some candy. And that’s it! Come Valentine’s morning that will wake up to these simple little surprises and feel extra loved!

What do you do for your kids to make Valentine’s Day special?

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