Valentines Color Block Nail Tutorial


I am, unfortunately, not someone with the skills or patience for a lot of the nail art ideas that I see. Maybe someday! This is a great design for those of us who want awesome results without a super high skill level. I did this with my one year old daughter sitting on my lap and grabbing at the polishes which goes to prove that this can look great without being too exact. For these particular color block nails I opted for a fun pink and purple duo since Valentines Day  is coming up this week! You can easily choose any color combination for whatever holiday or occasion you might be celebrating.

Step One


  Often times you can get away with a cheaper polish if you have a great base and top coat. These are my favorites. Starting with clean filed nails, swipe on a coat of Gelous Advanced Nail Gel Coat. I picked mine up from Sally Beauty for about $5.99.

Step Two


Apply two coats of Orly nail polish in “Butterflies”. This is not the most opaque of polishes, if your polish looks great with one coat I would leave it at that since we will be applying a couple layers of polish.

Step Three


I just freehanded an angled coat of Ulta Nail Polish in “Celebutante”. If you want to be super exact you can use tape to make the line perfect, but then you would have to make sure that first pink layer is completely dry. I think it is easier just to swipe it on and not worry about it being perfect!

Step Four


Once your nail polish is completely dry then it is time to add a little sparkle with some nail tape! Especially if you are new to using nail tape you want to make sure your nails are rock hard dry, how sad would it be to ding up a nail after you have made it this far! Sometimes if I am not in a hurry to have my manicure finished I will paint everything at night and then add the tape in the morning.

Carefully place the nail tape where the two colors meet. Trim off the tape as close to your nails as you can with cuticle snippers (sorry, I couldn’t get a picture of this, I need a few more hands!). If any of the tape is hanging past your nail chances are it will get caught and peel off sooner, this is why I love using the cuticle snippers since I feel they get a much more precise cut than scissors.

Step Five


Get that awesome long lasting gel look with a couple top coats. First, add a coat of the Gelous Gel Coat. This is thick and will really seal that nail tape onto your nails, also it will extend the life of your manicure by days! Since it is so thick, I also recommend adding a quick dry top coat so you don’t have to sit there for hours worrying about smudging your wet nails. My current favorite is Out The Door, which is also available at Sally Beauty for around $5.

Step Six


Enjoy your fun and festive nails!

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