The Lorac Pro Contour Palette: Is it worth the hype?

Contour palettes are ALL over the place these days, and if you are in the market to buy one, it might be kind of hard to choose the right one! I have tried most of the big name contour palettes, like Kat Von D, Anastasia Beverly Hills and of course, the Lorac Pro Contour palette. So here is my honest review of this set of contour shades.



-The powders are buttery smooth and very pigmented

-The variety of shades (light, medium and dark) are great ideal for contouring a variety of skin tones 

-It includes a shimmer highlight as well as a yellow and beige tone powder

-Thin, sleek packaging

-Comes with a great brush. I love the brush for carving out a great contour



-It just isn’t as blendable as the Kat Von D, I have to work much harder to get a well blended look

-The yellow and beige contour shades might be too light to highlight darker skin tones 

And this may or may not count as a con, but does the average makeup user need this many contour shades? Sometimes I will mix the light and medium shades, but have never really touched the deep shade.

So to answer the question, is it worth the hype?

In my opinion, no. The Kat Von D contour kit will remain my favorite. Although that one doesn’t include the shimmer shade, and that would be a nice addition, it is so smooth, and blendable. The shades are great and it is the easiest for me to get the most seamless application. While the Lorac contour kit is really nice and I really love the brush, it’s just not my favorite contour kit available.

What is your favorite contour palette? Is it worth the money to buy a whole contour palette? Or would you prefer a great bronzer and powder?

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