The Best Sunless Tanner EVER!

I am no stranger to sunless tanner. I have never tanned very well, and with cancer looming over any color you get, I am not so sad about that fact now. But I do love looking like I have a tan. I have tried all kinds of sunless tanning methods mousse, gel, I have paid people to roll it on me, sprayed from a can, but I was never totally happy until I stumbled upon L’Oreal Sublime Bronze, Luminous Bronzer.

This lotion began to impress me as soon as I opened the bottle, it actually smelled good. Some of the other gradual bronzers and sunless lotions smell super chemically to me, and they continue to smell super strong all day. This lotion smelled good. A little perfume-y but not to strong. I could still smell it later in the day but not as strong and in-your-face as others.

Sublime Bronze also has “Instant Action”. The lotion is a bronzy color and you actually can see where you are putting it. It has a large amount of shimmer, which I didn’t love, but it actually helped you see where you missed. In my opinion you can’t have to many safety nets for even coverage. I liked the shade that the lotion left on my skin, it was natural looking, and it didn’t rub off on my clothes after it dried.

The tanner actually was pretty streak-free, I was surprised. When I saw the instant color I was very hesitant. With instant color sunless tanners in the past that almost always meant streak city! Not this time!! As the color developed through the day, I was so happy it was even. Of course when I was in a hurry and left a blob on the side of my foot (true story!) there was streak/dark spot. But overall it was very even and natural looking.

You can easily build a darker tan with Sublime Bronze. I “double dipped” in the sunless tanner to make my color a little darker, and I was nervous that the Oompa Loompa was going to make an appearance, but it didn’t. I felt like the tan just got better. It stayed more of a golden hue rather than turning orange, so as I added layers it just intensified. With that being said I do still think there is a line that you can cross with too much self-tanner, so I wouldn’t go super overboard with any of them.

L’Oreal Sublime Bronze will now be a staple in my beauty cupboard! I loved pretty much everything about it. The color also lasted a long time. I did follow these simple steps for prepping for my tan and making my tan last.

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3 thoughts on “The Best Sunless Tanner EVER!

  1. Beth

    My name is Beth, I like yourself do not tan! I have very fair skin and feel much better using fake tan.
    I was very excited to read about this product I do have a couple of questions I hope you don’t mind.
    You mentioned this product left a shimmer, is this obvious in sunlight and to other do you know?
    I am curious as to how often you applied this, was it an everyday moisturiser or more of a product to be used only when you need a tan.
    And finally where can I find this product I’ve had a little look online but if I could get it in store that would be much better 🙂
    Thanks heaps for your time and I look forward to hearing from you !

    -Beth x

  2. Beverly

    I have a problem with your product I bought it at walgreen (L’Oréal sublime bronze) self tanning an used for 5 day an on the 6 day I have a rash that came on my arms an chest. Been to the doctor an on medication. Would like to know what the ingredients are because I can’t read them on the bottle. Thank you Beverly

  3. Kay

    I love this self tanner. I’ve used it for the past 9 months and I love the natural look it gives. I too don’t love the shimmer but after one shower it’s gone and I’m left with a gorgeous tan. I’m the kind of pale skin type that people used to ask me if I was sick or feeling unwell, but I refused to lay out in the sun and damage my skin. I usually get dark sun spots if I do. So this is the perfect thing for me. Colour with no damage. It helps to exfoliate before and moisturizing every morning after helps keep things looking even. I do every 5 days and it looks so natural. Successful application is all about not being rushed and thinking about where you are putting the tanner and rubbing it in well. Watch your ankles and wrists so that they don’t get too dark. Washing your hands after is important too just remember to leave a little on the back if your hands.


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