Tartelette In Bloom Palette: Hot or Not?

I am always on the hunt for the perfect, take with with, use everyday of my life eye shadow palette. Lately I have been really into very warm toned neutral eye looks, so getting the Tartelette In Bloom palette was an obvious choice for me. I liked the original Tartelette fine, looking at the palette itself, it looks so pretty! But I felt pretty limited about what you can actually do with the shades provided. You basically get some version of a purple/pink look, and for me that is not an every single day type of look. So in terms of the colors provided, and everyday type of use, I am a much bigger fan of Tartelette In Bloom.

Every shade is a neutral, 3 shimmers, 9 mattes. Because the wide variety of mattes and some pops of shimmer, this palette is truly all in one for just about any neutral look you’d like. As far as shadow quality the mattes are great, soft, smooth, pigmented shadows. All 3 of the shimmers are pretty mediocre. If I was traveling and it was the only palette I wanted to bring, the would be completely adequate. But if I am sitting at my vanity, there are several other  neutral shimmer shadows, that are smoother and have way better pigmentation, I would rather reach for. 

Overall, I really like the palette. The packaging is beautiful, and slim. I find myself reaching for the Tartelette In Bloom palette several times a week for the matte neutral shades. I would recommend it for someone who likes warmer toned shadows, and isn’t too concerned about the shimmer shades being super amazing.

Did you pick up the Tartelette In Bloom palette? Do you love it? Hate it? Is there another comparable palette out there that you prefer?

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