Subscription Boxes for Men

Subscription boxes, and luxury products are not JUST for the ladies! Men have skin care an grooming needs too! The fact is, I don’t know too many men that are eager to wander the aisles of a store looking for just the right product to suit their needs. That is exactly why subscription boxes are great for men! They get great products mailed straight to them, eliminating that whole shopping thing.

Looking for subscription beauty boxes for women? Check out my favorites here!

1. BirchBox Man


It is no secret that I am completely obsessed with Birchbox. Nothing warms my heart quite like my box in the mail each month, and the men’s box is no different. Not only will you receive high end grooming products, but Birchbox also sends fun accessories like socks or shirts or gadgets. At $20 a month, any guy would love receiving this box every month.

2. Dollar Shave Club


If your man is an everyday- shaver, this is a great subscription box for him. Shaving can be expensive and we all tend to use blades a little longer than we probably should. With the Dollar Shave Club, you pick which type of blade, ranging from $1-$9 per month, you want sent to you. If you want to throw in shaving butter (sounds fancy!) that will cost you an extra $8 per month.



If your man is a fitness buff, this is a great box for him. For $10 (plus shipping) a month, they will send you health and fitness products to try. Reviews are great on this box and people are generally impressed with what they are receiving for the price. They also sell a women’s, and a mom’s box.

4. Fancy Box 


Fancy Box is a little different. In an awesome, I want it bad, kind of way. For $39 a month they promise to send at least $80 worth of goodies. You can choose boxes handpicked by celebrities like Coco Rocha or Ashton Kutcher. I am sort of obsessed with Fancy Box, there are men’s and women’s variations of the box. I would compare it to PopSugar Must Have 

5. GizmoCrate


Starting $39 a month GizmoCrate will send you gadgets and “foodie items”. Plus, every month one subscriber wins a Colossal Crate, valued at $400! This is a fantastic box for the tech and gadget lover in your life. With almost all subscription boxes, the more you buy at once, the more you save. Buy a year’s worth and they only cost $29 a month.

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