Reward Yourself to Meet Your Fitness Goals!

One of my biggest down falls might be my lack of self motivation. There are some things (exercise) that I just really struggle with sometimes. Although I am a grown woman and I should just do things because they are good for me and I really ought to, nothing motivates me quite like a little bribe to myself. For example, going out and getting lunch or buying myself something I’ve had my eye on after finishing some particularly annoying/difficult house work.

Well, this idea has also translated into bribing myself to stay motivated to exercise! The concept it pretty simple, for every workout I put $1 in the jar. When the money comes out is up to you. Take it out after 30 (or more) consecutive workouts, or maybe when you have reached a certain goal. You can put in more money or less for each workout. You can even make dieting a part of the bribe. For each day you ate clean, you earn another dollar. How you make the jar works is up to you! I just love knowing that each time I exercise, I am putting a little cash toward a special something just for me!

What keeps you motivated to get in/stay in shape? Do you ever bribe yourself to get things done?

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