MorpheMe: Morphe Monthly Brush Club Subscription

When I first saw Morphe was launching a monthly brush subscription I signed up the very first second I could. I LOVE monthly subscription boxes, and I love Morphe brushes. They say they will send at least $30 worth of brushes for $19.99 per month. I will admit, I was a little nervous they might send outcast brushes that no one really cares to had to their collection and that I should have just spent my $20 on brushes I knew I wanted.

I received my first month of the subscription yesterday which contained four brushes.

M601SMALL M160-1-16SMALL M439SMALL_1024x1024 M140_SMALL_1024x1024 

 The M601, M160 1/16, M439, and M140. The total value of these brushes if you were to buy them straight through is $33.96 plus shipping and tax.

Overall, I am pretty happy with the brush selection I received! I don’t think this is a subscription for just anyone. I think you would probably have to be a makeup/makeup brush lover to really appreciate the variety of brushes and to really utilize them. I think your average makeup user wouldn’t necessarily know what to do with a few new brushes every month and would be better off buying what they know they want and need. I will definitely keep my subscription for (at least) another month and see what comes next!

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