Mascara Monday: No 7 Maximum Volume

This is a brand of makeup that I had actually never even heard of until a reader asked me about the mascara. Since I am always up for trying something new, I was happy to give No 7 mascara a try.

I decided to test out No 7 Maximum Volume.

Before – No mascara


1 Coat


2 Coats


Do I look unimpressed?


Because I am. This mascara is super mediocre. I will say it is easy to use, there is no risk of getting big clumps or get out of control with this stuff. It goes on slow and even. It didn’t build lots of length or volume like I would have hoped for. Overall, I would pass on this mascara and try out one of my other favorite drugstore mascaras.

What do you think? Have you had a better experience with No 7 products or mascara than I did? 

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