Mascara Monday: Benefit They’re Real

When I got Benefit They’re Real mascara as a sample several months ago, I was thrilled! I am a fan of high end makeup, except spending $20 on a tube of mascara just feels unreasonable to me. I can get great results from so many drugstore mascaras, so it’s hard to justify the price tag.

Even though I was so excited to get it, I let it sit around for months and months. Maybe I was saving it for a special occasion? But when I finally decided to give it a try (my husband strongly suggested I start using some of the many, many samples I have sitting around) I was quite impressed.

Naked Lashes


One coat of Benefit They’re Real mascara


Two coats of Benefit They’re Real mascara



This mascara made my eyelashes seriously long! Almost too long? No. That’s not a thing. But I will say it got a little out of control. It added so much length and volume so quickly, I ended up with some on my eyelids. I have to say, of ALL the mascaras I have tried, Benefit They’re Real is my very favorite for loooooong over the top lashes!

13 thoughts on “Mascara Monday: Benefit They’re Real

  1. Bridgette

    I didn’t search your blog, but I’ve been considering buying mascara that has the lash comb applicator. I’ve heard it covers very fine lashes like mine for better volume & fullness. Have you had any experience with them or tried them?

  2. Bridgette

    Thanks! That was one of a zillion I hadn’t looked at online. I may give it a try. There’s just entirely too many to choose from. I have very long, but very fine lashes & have tried just about every mascara out there. I hate to but something too pricey & then be stuck with it. Sometimes the cheap ones like Wet ‘n Wild or NYC work better than the others.

    But again … thanks.

    1. Heather Post author

      There are sooo many too choose from, and they all start to look the same and promise the same thing! I will continue to review a new mascara every week so if you have one you want me to review for you, let me know! Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!

      1. Bridgette

        Today I picked up L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly, Maybelline Volum’Express The Falsies Big Eyes & the old stand by … Maybelline Great Lash. The L’Oreal brush has the closest thing I could find to a ‘lash comb’ in any of the drugstore brands. I searched every single brand they offered too. I really don’t want to order anything online & then have the hassle to ship it back. I’m crossing my fingers that one of these will please me … finally.

        I’ll let ya know how it goes!

  3. Dana

    I just discovered your blog and it has so many great tips. I have long lashes and mascara tends to smudge onto my brow line after a couple hours of wear. I haven’t been able to find a drug store one that does not do this. I actually haven’t found any mascara that doesn’t do it, but I haven’t tried many of the more expensive ones. Any suggestions? I know you have tried so many and these pictures look like your lashes are similar to mine. Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to reading more of your stuff!

    1. Heather Post author

      Hey Dana! Have you tried a waterproof mascara? Although I am not a huge fan of waterproof mascara usually, I think it would probably prevent it from getting smudged into your brow line without having to splurge on a pricier mascara. Hope that helps! Thanks for reading!

  4. Bridgette

    Have you tried this one from Avon yet? Avon Mega Effects Mascara … would love to know your opinions on it.

    I tried the L’Oreal Butterfly & it really did work the same for me as it did for you. The Maybelline Falsies was really dry & the teeny brush for the lower lashes was almost too small to use. I will probably keep the L’Oreal & the Great Lash … it’s a staple from 50 years ago. 🙂


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