Makeup Brands You’ve Never Heard Of

If you are a little newer to the makeup and beauty world you may think there are only a few places to do your makeup shopping, i.e. Sephora, Ulta, drugstore or department store beauty counters. But there is a whole different world of makeup out there that you might not be familiar with. I am referring to indie cosmetic brands! These brands often tend to be a little (or a lot) less expensive than what you will find at high end stores, but not always. Here are a few of my favorite indie brands that you need to check out!

Makeup Geek


If you follow any beauty YouTubers or blogs you have probably heard of Makeup Geek. Makeup Geek products are pretty on par with drugstore products as far as price goes, but for quality, they are definitely more comparable to high end (much more expensive) products. Their eye shadows and blushes are always very smooth, creamy, blendable and pigmented!



ColourPop has some of my favorite lip products for a price I really love. Their Lippie Stix and pencils are great and only $5 each! My favorite thing about ColourPop might be the fact that they show swatches on different skin tones with their products! This is SO helpful when doing online shopping for beauty products because I always want to see swatches of what they actually look like before I buy.



Morphe is a great place to shop for awesome makeup brushes at super reasonable prices. If you were to buy brushes at Sephora, it could cost from $15-$70 each. Morphe brushes top out at around $20. Morphe also sells makeup but since I have not personally tried it, I cannot tell you whether or not I’d recommend it, but I do know a lot of people really love them and really really love the prices!



And while we are on the topic of brushes, let’s talk about Sigma. While Sigma does sell cosmetics, what they are really known for is their premium brushes. While they aren’t quite as budget friendly as Morphe brushes, they are often compared to MAC in quality.

I know there are a TON more brands out there that I am leaving out like Gerard Cosmetics, Dose of Colors, Girlactik Beauty and Melt Cosmetics. I’m sure there are a million more too!

Have you tried any of these lesser known brands? What are your favorites?

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