Is a Smart Watch for You?

That’s a dang good question. We’re seeing them a lot in commercials lately. Apple just came out with one. Did you even know other companies have been making smart watches? Do you need one? Are they worth the money?

Let’s be honest, my husband is kiiiinda a nerd. He’s been wearing smart watches since the original Pebble watch came out and is now wearing and Android Wear watch. He’s also bought me both a Pebble and an Android Wear watch. So I have some experience with them, and they definitely have their ups and downs (but mostly ups!).

Do you want to always be connected?

In my opinion, the best overall use case for smart watches is always being connected. We mostly have our phones on us all the time, but there are times that we don’t. Like when you’re charging your phone or maybe you left it in your purse or if you are can’t look at your phone at work but still want to see your messages. Or maybe there are times that you don’t want to be touching your phone like while you’re working out or doing the dishes.

A smart watch allows you to know what’s going on during those times that you can’t or don’t have access to your phone. If your kid’s at school or a sleepover and you want to make sure you don’t miss any phone calls. You’re waiting for a potential job offer from an employer. Or you can’t bear to miss that text from your boyfriend/sister/bff/dog(?). As long as you’re within 30ish feet you’re going to get notified of that phone call or see that text. Your wrist will be buzzing and you won’t miss it (my FAVORITE feature).

With many smart watches, like the Galaxy Gear, Apple Watch, and Android Wear watches, you even have the opportunity to respond without having your phone right there. Oh, your hands are wet and you don’t want to touch your phone? No problem. Just activate your watch and respond via text by simply talking to it.

I will say however, I thought talking to my watch would be kind of fun. It turns out unless you’re in a pretty isolated situation, I just feel a little awkward talking to my watch. (Go Go Gadget Smart Watch!) It’s not common out there to talk to your watch, so you’ll probably get some funny looks if you do it. But my guess is it’s going to become much more commonplace.

Other places smart watches come in handy 

In line with talking to your watch, I do find it pretty convenient to use voice commands with my watch when I’m in the car. With Android Wear for instance, you can use the smart watch to start navigation, start a phone call, and even open apps like Spotify. It’s a lot easier to find my wrist in the car than it is to find my phone in my purse or wherever.

Fitness is another big perk. If you’re already wearing a Fitbit or Jawbone to track your fitness, smart watches are supposed to do it all in one device. They have the same kind of technology Fitbits use, but they might not have the same algorithms behind them so results may vary. Some watches like the Apple Watch and the Moto 360 even have heart rate monitors. I haven’t had one with a heart rate monitor yet but it sounds like it could be a fun feature.

What I don’t like

My biggest dilemma with most smart watches is that they just aren’t that cute! Find me a smart watch the resembles a chunky Michael Kors watch, and I’ll wear the heck out of that thing. I think this Moto 360 Android Wear watch is pretty cute and I want it I will have it.


Pretty, huh?

The gold Apple Watch Edition is okay if you have $10000 burning a hole in your pocket. But really, I think Apple getting into the smart watch game will make smart watches a more normal thing, but they just don’t seem to be marketing them to women with style in mind.

Bottom line

If you are someone who wants to be connected, definitely consider a smart watch. If you’re someone who wishes they were less connected, don’t get one. The can be expensive, and they do take a little work to completely figure out. But as a busy mom and wife, I really love being connected so I don’t miss anything.

What are your thoughts on smartwatches? Do you have one? Do you want one? Do you think any of them are cute enough to wear daily? Fill us in on your thoughts by commenting below!

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