How to Swatch Your Nail Polish

Sometimes nail polish doesn’t look quite the same when you put it on your nails than it does in the bottle. I am a huge fan of swatching my polishes so I know exactly what color I am about to put on my nails. Plus, I sort of take pride in my fast nail polish collection, and having little swatch dots on top of each bottle makes me happy.

Here’s what you need:


(I used address labels, but any white sticker label you have on hand will do)

a hole punch

and of course your nail polish

Step 1: Paint a color swatch onto the label. You can either do a single thin coat to know exactly how sheer it is, or lay it on thick so you know what a couple coats looks like.

Step 2: Use your whole punch to cut out a circle swatch of the color


Step 3: Peel of the back and place your pretty little circle on the lid

Done! And I sort of love it!

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15 thoughts on “How to Swatch Your Nail Polish

  1. Easier Solution

    Or you can just dip a q-tip into the bottle, and pres it onto the lid… That’s a lot easier solution and its less time consuming.

  2. Kelli

    But what if you’re polish lid is black? A lot of mine are. Using a Q-tip is fine on white lids but won’t show the true color on a black lid.

  3. Malinda

    I would think a Q-tip would leave behind cotton fiber. I think the dots look really cool. I have swatch sticks but it would make it a lot easier to find polish in my Helmer also.

    1. Heather Post author

      I do love my little dots on my nail polish, it’s fun to look at and easy to find what I am looking for. I might have to invest in some swatch sticks though (just Googled them when I read your comment), they look pretty fun too. I might be a little obsessed with nail polish! Thanks for reading!

  4. Hannah

    This is way more work then necessary. You can just dip/glob on paint to the back of a pushpin, or you can use a toothpick.

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  6. niamh

    This idea is so cute! It was only the last night I took to pens and paper to swatch all of my nail polished all 74 of them! think I might have to bin all the paper and take to the labels and hole punch!!

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  9. Katherine Barnes

    Wished I had known about this before I got up to 380 bottles of polishes! It’s going to take me forever to do! 😬😬😬

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