How to Swatch Your Nail Polish

How to Swatch Your Nail Polish

Sometimes nail polish doesn’t look quite the same when you put it on your nails than it does in the bottle. I am a huge fan of swatching my polishes so I know exactly what color I am about to put on my nails. Plus, I sort of take pride in my fast nail polish collection, and having little swatch dots on top of each bottle makes me happy.

Here’s what you need:


(I used address labels, but any white sticker label you have on hand will do)

a hole punch

and of course your nail polish

Step 1: Paint a color swatch onto the label. You can either do a single thin coat to know exactly how sheer it is, or lay it on thick so you know what a couple coats looks like.

Step 2: Use your whole punch to cut out a circle swatch of the color


Step 3: Peel of the back and place your pretty little circle on the lid

Done! And I sort of love it!

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14 thoughts on “How to Swatch Your Nail Polish

  1. Easier Solution

    Or you can just dip a q-tip into the bottle, and pres it onto the lid… That’s a lot easier solution and its less time consuming.

  2. Kelli

    But what if you’re polish lid is black? A lot of mine are. Using a Q-tip is fine on white lids but won’t show the true color on a black lid.

  3. Malinda

    I would think a Q-tip would leave behind cotton fiber. I think the dots look really cool. I have swatch sticks but it would make it a lot easier to find polish in my Helmer also.

    1. Heather Post author

      I do love my little dots on my nail polish, it’s fun to look at and easy to find what I am looking for. I might have to invest in some swatch sticks though (just Googled them when I read your comment), they look pretty fun too. I might be a little obsessed with nail polish! Thanks for reading!

  4. Hannah

    This is way more work then necessary. You can just dip/glob on paint to the back of a pushpin, or you can use a toothpick.

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  6. niamh

    This idea is so cute! It was only the last night I took to pens and paper to swatch all of my nail polished all 74 of them! think I might have to bin all the paper and take to the labels and hole punch!!

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  9. Katherine Barnes

    Wished I had known about this before I got up to 380 bottles of polishes! It’s going to take me forever to do! 😬😬😬


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