How to Plan Family Photo Outfits

Choosing outfits for family photos can be super tricky. You want everyone to “go” together, but not necessarily matchy-matchy. Our family has definitely learned from trial and error how to make our family photo outfits just right.

Start with your non-negotiable

When I am preparing outfits for our family photos, I always start with a non-negotiable outfit or piece of clothing. Sometimes it is a dress for myself or one of my girls I absolutely love. Sometimes I want to justify an over-priced purchase so I base out family photos around that item. Since I feel like I am the hardest person in the family to dress, I usually start with what I feel great in and then work my way out from there. Whatever your non-negotiable is, base every other item you pick around that piece.

Dress for your scenery

Plan your outfits so they will fit with your setting. What you may want to wear for an urban background might not be the same thing as what you’d were to stand in golden wheat fields. Plan accordingly so it fits the look you are going for, and don’t forget to plan for the weather!


All Items Should Go 

There is a big difference between matching and going together. You can make your family photos cohesive and beautiful without everyone wearing the same color tops and bottoms. A photographer friend once told me, if you take everyone’s outfits and put them all in a pile and pull out any two pieces, they should look like they could be worn together.

Textures and Layers

To make your family photos even more awesome, try adding some layers and different textures. Experiments with scarves, necklaces, hair bows, ties, sweaters, or anything that adds a little something extra to create interest.

Do what you love

Lastly, make sure your outfits fit your family. If your family doesn’t own or wear ties or skirts, is that really what you want your family photos to look like? Dress your family in a way that fits your personalities. If your family loves nature, throw on some flannels and head up to the mountains. If you love the beach, take of your shoes and go barefoot.


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What are your tips for making your family photos beautiful?

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