How to Make Your Makeup Last ALL Day!

If you are taking the time to put on your makeup in the morning, you definitely want to make sure you are taking the necessary steps so that makeup will stay looking fresh all day long.

Quality Makeup

The quality of your makeup is important. Some products just aren’t meant to last you all day. Look for makeup that is advertised as long wearing, or extended wear. There are plenty of great products out there that aren’t advertised as long wearing, but you might have to do a little trial and error or read reviews to find it.


A great primer will help your makeup look better and last longer. If you have oily skin, look for something to keep your skin matte, to help keep your oils at bay. If you have dry skin, look for something to moisturize so your makeup doesn’t break up around your dry patches. There are so many different primers out there and picking a great one for you can really enhance the appearance of your  makeup. 


Try layering your makeup to make it last all day long. Start by applying a cream blush or bronzer (or cream contour) and then set with a powder blush or bronzer. Obviously, you have to be careful not to go overboard, but done right you’ll get great, long-lasting results.


If you find your foundation wearing off too quickly though out the day, you may want be setting your whole face with a setting powder. If you have dry skin, powder may dry you too much, but for more oily skin, it can be your best friend. If you only get greasy in some places on your faces (like your t-zone) powder in just that place.

Setting Spray 

After you have finished applying all your makeup, use a setting spray! Not only will it melt together all your powders and give your makeup a more flawless appearance, but it can help make your makeup last longer.

What are your favorite tips for making your makeup last all day long? 

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