How to Get Lasting Color From a Box or The Salon

There is nothing more frustrating then spending the time or money to color your hair to have it start fading shortly after it is done. With a few tips and tricks you can extend the life of your color.

 First, make sure you are using a quality shampoo and conditioner free of color stripping sulfates.  Salon products are always a better choice, but you can get away with drugstore brands as long as they are color safe, and sulfate free.  My favorite salon shampoo and conditioner right now is Pureology Hydrate. For a drugstore alternative I have heard great things about the Walgreens brand in the silver tubes.

Wash your hair in cooler water especially if you color your hair with a red tone. You don’t have to shower in cold water, but when washing and rinsing your hair turn it down a little. It will help keep the cuticle closed, and prevent all that color you just put in from slipping out.

Always use something to buffer your hair from damage.  It may be a leave in conditioner (try Pureology Instant Repair), styling cream (I like Alterna’s Bamboo Brilliance), or heat protector, but putting something in your hair to give it a buffer from the sun and other environmental  “bad guys” will help keep your color.

Avoid the tanning bed, or at least cover hair.  Ideally you should not let freshly colored hair out in the sun at all, but that is not realistic.  Covering your hair while you are tanning or sunbathing, and wearing a hat while working outside if possible will really help extend your color. The sun is a big culprit in fading hair color.

There are a lot of reasons why your hair fades, some things you cant control or change but if you follow these steps you should see your hair color lasting longer!

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  1. Beauty Salon Portsmouth

    I agree that we have to put extra attention on hair after putting new colour on them. I think it’s very important to use special shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair and do not wash them too often if they don’t need it.


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