How To De-Pot Lipstick 2 Easy Ways

There are several reasons someone might want to de-pot their lipsticks. You might be missing a cap and it’s a mess, the lipstick could have broken and you don’t care to repair it, it could be ALMOST gone and you want to scrape out the last little remnant, you might want to downsize your collection and they are taking up too much space, or maybe you want a convenient travel palette of lots of shades… The list goes on.

 The de-potting process is pretty simple. You need to melt down your lipstick using either a flat iron, or heat. I prefer the flat iron method because if you want to do more than one shade, you will either need a new spoon or to clean it every time, and the flat iron allows for less wasted product.

Keep in mind, if you are concerned about over heating your lipsticks you can always melt it a little slower with your flat iron on a lower temperature or you can just hold the fire a little further away from the spoon.

If you are using the flat iron, the lipstick pan WILL BE HOT! Be sure to use tweezers our a small spatula to remove it.

Lastly, this process is messy. Beware of staining surfaces or your favorite white shirt while de-potting your lipsticks!

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