How I Never Pay Full Price for Makeup

Beauty products can be expensive. Like really, really expensive. And I have to be honest, I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to all things beauty. But the good news is, through all my hoarding, I have learned quite a bit about how to save money on products! Here are a few of my favorite tips.

1. Shop at Ulta

This generally applies for drugstore products rather than high end products. Drugstores do BOGO (Buy One Get One 50%, free, ect) deals too, but at Ultra you can almost always find a $3.50 off coupon as well. Don’t automatically rule Ulta out if you are shopping for drugstore makeup, you might be surprised by how great the deals can be! Bonus, the generally have a great selection of colors that some drugstores just can’t stock.

2. Shop QVC

Yes. QVC. Like the tv channel. I could hardly believe it a few months back when I got an awesome deal on a Too Faced palette! But if you browse around their website you will find a lot of really good deals on high end products! Not all of their prices are sales, so shop around and make sure you are actually getting a good deal!

3. Follow Brands

If you have your heart set on a product from a certain brand, or have a favorite brand, give them your email address so you can be alerted of sales or promo codes. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram so you can stay in the know and be ready to pounce on deals when they come up!

4. Join Rewards Programs

With rewards programs at Ulta or Sephora, they will send you rare coupons from time to time for up to 20% off your purchase! That is SO good for high end makeup! When those coupons arrive I am always eager to take advantage. Also with reward programs you accumulate points towards beauty rewards or money off your next purchase. These are free programs that can really save you some money!

5.  Ebay, Amazon, ect.

Let me first say, PROCEED WITH CAUTION! There are knock off products out there and you do not want to be ripped off. If a deal is too good to be true, it probably is. Read reviews, make sure the seller has positive feedback. It is possible to score great deals buying from third party sellers, just be smart about it!

6. ALWAYS Look for a Promo Code

I never make an online purchase, or any purchase for that matter, without first checking to make sure there isn’t a promo code or coupon available. is my go-to site for searching for deals. Doing a quick search before you check out can really save you some money, so ALWAYS check!

7. Birchbox

I have subscribed to Birchbox for a couple years now, and I would be lying if I said I did it for the samples anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the samples. But I continue to subscribe because A. You refer your friends, you get store credit. And B. promo codes! Birchbox you never have to wait too long to get a promo code from Birchbox. If you add items to your cart, they will email you pretty often to let you know, “Your cart misses you!” And often times (not always), there is a promo code to go with it. I have bought, and saved a ton of money, so many of my products through them! For these reasons, I will probably be a Birchboxer for life!

8. Patience!

This is the hardest tip of all. Be patient! Deals, especially for high end beauty, can be really, really hard to find and they may take some time before you find one. But be patient! Deals do come up, so when they do you have to be ready to go for it!

How you save money on your favorite products? Am I leaving out any other important tips? Don’t be shy, share your secrets! We’d love to know.

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4 thoughts on “How I Never Pay Full Price for Makeup

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  3. melissa

    I always shop at Ulta. They always have drugstore sales with great coupons and I love how your ulta points are actual cash to use. Thanks for the tips 🙂

  4. Lorraine Waterman

    I love free makeup. I use high end makeup too! A friend introduced me to Younique. Total skeptic at first. But they have virtual online parties that are free, that you actually earn rewards on toward discounted and free makeup and Skincare. I had 2 parties and ended up with about $100 in free stuff. The products are great, hypoallergenic, Gluten and vegan free options and never tested on animals, plus I haven’t had one break out since using in Oct 2015. I now get 25% for life so I’m quite happy with that.


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