Everything You Need to Know About Dry Shampoo

We all know we should not be washing our hair everyday, but I often hear people saying the can’t go a day without washing their hair because it just gets too greasy. That’s when I tell them about one of my very favorite beauty products of all time, dry shampoo! In college my roommates introduced me to putting baby powder on your roots to absorb grease. That is an option, but I have never really been a fan. It’s too hard to distribute it evenly and not have weird-looking, white roots. Fast forward a few years I found a drugstore dry shampoo, but I didn’t love it either. It made my hair white and heavy and it smelled awful!

Lucky for you, I have done my experimenting and have found the dry shampoos I love! If you want to go the drugstore route, try Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo.

It has a light smell but it’s not over powering and it goes on light and not cakey like some others.

If you want to go for a higher end brand, try TIGI Cat Walk Session Series Dry Shampoo.

This one has a little more of a scent to it, but it smells nice and fresh. It goes on really lightly and makes your hair look freshly washed!

I have found to achieve the best results with dry shampoo, you need to know a few tricks.

1. Don’t spray it in the same place too long, it can make your hair look oddly white. Move it around as you spray and don’t over-do it. You can always put in more if you need it!

2. I like to put it on in sections. So do the top layer, then pull that top section out-of-the-way and do the next. As your spraying, use your fingers to work it into your roots and keep it from spraying in the same spot too long.

3. You can also use it as a “dirtier”. If your hair is fine and doesn’t hold volume well, you can spray it at your roots and rat it up a bit.

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