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The beauty world is full of pretty, high quality, warm-toned palettes. But after you’ve collected a few, you pretty much have your bases covered, at least that’s how I was started to feel. But when I saw the ABH Modern Renaissance palette, it caught my attention. Just when I thought I had enough gorgeous shadow […]

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If you have a Lego Lover in your house, I am sure you are all too familiar with the nightmare that is attempting to contain all those tiny little pieces! My son is a”Lego maniac,” as he calls himself, and we have Legos coming out of our ears! We tried a couple solutions and nothing […]

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I LOVE Valentine’s Day. Well, let’s be honest. There isn’t really a holiday I don’t love. I just love any reason to decorate, eat sweets, craft and give gifts. But I really, really love Valentine’s Day! So naturally, when I saw these cute little mail boxes in the dollar section had Target, I had to […]

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