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Makeup can be really intimidating. So many aisles at the drugstore, or even more intimidating Ulta or Sephora are entire STORES dedicated to makeup. And those who may not be total makeup junkies don’t know where to start, so it’s just easier to stick with the same makeup routine they have been rolling with since […]

Do you need a moisture boost?  Perhaps your skin is dull? Or maybe you just need a good mask to help relieve symptoms of acne or eczema.  We’ve found a few masks that should help revamp your skin; from a detox mask to a soothing rose mask and all the way back to a good […]

Choosing outfits for family photos can be super tricky. You want everyone to “go” together, but not necessarily matchy-matchy. Our family has definitely learned from trial and error how to make our family photo outfits just right. Start with your non-negotiable When I am preparing outfits for our family photos, I always start with a […]

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One of my biggest down falls might be my lack of self motivation. There are some things (exercise) that I just really struggle with sometimes. Although I am a grown woman and I should just do things because they are good for me and I really ought to, nothing motivates me quite like a little […]

Here’s the thing, life can get crazy and you’ve gotta eat. Obviously, a healthy home cooked meal is ideal, but not always an option and you have to rely on fast food every now and then. Although it may be tempting to just grab a burger and fries at the drive-thru, there are better options […]

The fact is, picking a pineapple can be tricky. They are a fruit that stops ripening as soon as they are harvested and they are coming to us from Hawaii, Peurto Rico, Honduras and Mexico. If they were shipped at the peak of their ripeness, we are likely to end up with bruised pineapples on […]

I think if i had to chose my favorite fruit, it would be watermelon. I LOVE a good watermelon, and since I am adding one to my cart every time I go shopping, I have done my research on choosing a perfect watermelon. Unless you are an expert in watermelon acoustics, stop being the crazy […]