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Honestly, my skin can be such a pain. It is dry. And not just like, “Oh I gotta moisturize so I am not dry.” dry. Dry like if I don’t baby it like it requires, I will be peeling and that’s not a good look. I have been through so many different products, both high-end […]

Do you need a moisture boost?  Perhaps your skin is dull? Or maybe you just need a good mask to help relieve symptoms of acne or eczema.  We’ve found a few masks that should help revamp your skin; from a detox mask to a soothing rose mask and all the way back to a good […]

I am 27 years old, so I would say fairly young, and I might be slightly paranoid about wrinkles. Paranoid, like every time I watch Mad Men I am concerned about how much time Don Draper spends with a scowl on his face. I figure, it’s gotta be easier to prevent them than try to […]

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1. Skip the morning wash There’s no need to wash your face with cleanser morning and night. Wash your face at night with your favorite cleanser and in the morning just rinse with warm water. Using too much cleanser can be harsh and over-dry skin. 2. Cool Down Spending time in the saunas or in […]

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The only thing I love more than trying new products, is finding new uses for the things I already have sitting around my kitchen. Before I have talked about the beauty uses for coconut oil, cinnamon, lemon and baking soda, but there are also lots of beauty uses for olive oil! 1. Moisturizer Olive oil […]

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I had a reader contact me asking about why their coconut oil wasn’t whipping up the way they wanted it to, so I figured I may as well write up a post about it. What You Need: 1 cup of coconut oil (or more if you want, the amount doesn’t really matter) Electric mixer with […]

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The sun is up and you are ready for the beach… well almost, except for your translucent white legs.  The worst thing about the beginning of summer is that awkward in between a little bit of color and ghostly white.  A lot of us turn to sunless tanners to save the day, yet we are […]

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I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love getting a pedicure. It is so relaxing to sit in the massage chair while someone else makes your feet look fabulous. But the reality is, pedicures are expensive! Its hard to justify spending $25-$35 just for my feet when I know I can just do it at home. […]

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I am no stranger to sunless tanner. I have never tanned very well, and with cancer looming over any color you get, I am not so sad about that fact now. But I do love looking like I have a tan. I have tried all kinds of sunless tanning methods mousse, gel, I have paid […]

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So you went through all that work to lay out (“work”) or apply sunless tanner or even went to the tanning bed, only to have your tan fade away quickly. Well, here are some quick and easy things you can do to help that color stick around longer. HYDRATE! Easily one of the simplest things […]

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