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I don’t know about you, but for me, growing my nails out is HARD! They always peeling and breaking. But I am working on it! Check out this blog post on 5 Tips for Healthy Nails. But what do you do when those long beautiful nails break?! Lucky for us, some geniuses out there have […]

1. Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion I can’t say enough good things about MoroccanOil, so when I saw this I was intrigued. I was skeptical because its WAAAAAY cheaper than MoroccanOil so it must not be nearly as good. But I read a lot of reviews and people love it! Almost everyone who has tried it […]

If you have never had a monthly beauty box subscription, you are seriously missing out! There is nothing more fun than opening the mail box once a month to find a little (or big) box of beauty goodies just for you. I might be slightly obsessed! It gives you a great opportunity to try new […]

Ever since discovering nail tape I am obsessed! Probably because I cannot draw a straight line with a pencil to save my life, let alone any form of nail polish application. It comes in several colors and it is super cheap. Whether you leave it on with a clear coat on top or are just […]

1. French Manicure with Ring Finger Ring Accent (Source) 2. French Manicure with Rhinestone Ring Finger Accent (Source) 3. Soft Pink with Ring Finger Heart (Source) 4. Lace Nails (Source) 5. French Manicure with White Floral Print (Source) 6. Sheer White and Glitter (Source) 7. Nail Jewelry Accent (Source) 8. Blue and Silver French Manicure […]

1. Magnetic Nail Polish You can buy it from for $8.99 2. China Glaze Tranzitions I have not tried this polish but I saw it at a beauty supply store today and I want it bad! The nail polish is one color but when you put the top coat on it changes color. You […]

1. French Tip Dip When I first saw this product I though, no way, that is such a gimmick. Then I took to YouTube to watch some reviews and learn more. Turns out, people LOVE this thing for a quick. easy, pretty french manicure. All you do is dip the appropriate size tip in the nail […]

As my nail polish collection has grown, so has my need to figure out how the heck to store it all. As I have mentioned before, I love looking at my nail polishes. I have an entire collection of colors I love and I want them to be on display for the world (me) to […]

UPDATE: I’ve been asked several times by readers about Sharpie smearing while applying the topcoat.  Check out my easy solution here. I am having a love affair with this ice cream sandwich Sharpie manicures. I am starting to see them pop up all over pinterest and I can’t get enough. The very best part is […]

1. Chevron and Heart Nails (Source) 2. Leopard Heart Nails (Source) 3. Valentine Ombre Nails (Source) 4. Conversation Heart Nails (Source) 5. Shatter Hearts (Source) 6. Pink and Purple Hearts (Source) 7. Valentine’s Plaid (Source)