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        I am, unfortunately, not someone with the skills or patience for a lot of the nail art ideas that I see. Maybe someday! This is a great design for those of us who want awesome results without a super high skill level. I did this with my one year old daughter sitting on my […]

Sometimes nail polish doesn’t look quite the same when you put it on your nails than it does in the bottle. I am a huge fan of swatching my polishes so I know exactly what color I am about to put on my nails. Plus, I sort of take pride in my fast nail polish […]

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love getting a pedicure. It is so relaxing to sit in the massage chair while someone else makes your feet look fabulous. But the reality is, pedicures are expensive! Its hard to justify spending $25-$35 just for my feet when I know I can just do it at home. […]

I was asked recently on the blog if Sharpie manicures are safe.  I’ve never personally been worried about it, but should I be?  Sharpie manicures can obviously be amazing.  If you’re not familiar with them, check out my post here.  Also, if you know the right tricks (see the way I get my Sharpie manicures to look […]

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1. In a pinch, reach for chapstick to moisturize your cuticles and keep them healthy. 2. Constantly tapping away on a keyboard can be hard on your nails. Try a silicone cover over your keyboard to provide a cushion for your nails. 3. Only file your nails in one directions. Filing nails back and forth […]

1. File your nails File your nails to the desired shape. Only file dry nails. Filing wet nails can lead to splitting. 2. Soak your nails Apply a rich hand cream, then soak your hands in warm soapy water for 5 minutes to soften your cuticles. 3. Push back your cuticles Push back your cuticles […]

If you aren’t a huge fan of getting totally decked out for holidays (I am right there with you) but I try not to be a total downer on fun. If you won’t be wearing your brightest green shirt this coming St.Patrick’s (like me) there are plenty of other options to wear your green on […]

Yesterday I had a reader ask me how to keep your Sharpie manicure from smearing when you are putting on your top coat. It can be a little tricky. If I am really careful applying my top coat and lay it on THICK it doesn’t smear too much. But that’s not really ideal. So while […]

We’ve all seen this… And for some of us (me), this is the reality of nail painting. Then you see all the super pretty, super intense nail art all over Pinterest and think, “I will never be able to paint my nails like that.” But don’t be discouraged, my artistically challenged friends! There are so […]

1. Custom Color Nail Polish With Eye Shadow (Source) 2. DIY Glitter Nail Polish (Source) 3. DIY Matte Top Coat  (Source) 4. DIY Magnetic Nail Polish (Source) Like what you see? Tell your friends!