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Can we all agree that the makeup world is a little weird these days? You can’t get on Instagram without seeing someone contouring their face with a vegetable or using a spoon to get the perfect winged liner. Its weird. When I saw the silicone makeup sponge, I thought that same thing. Weird, but someone […]

If you are taking the time to put on your makeup in the morning, you definitely want to make sure you are taking the necessary steps so that makeup will stay looking fresh all day long. Quality Makeup The quality of your makeup is important. Some products just aren’t meant to last you all day. […]

We all want luscious lips. Here are some awesome steps to keep that pout looking perfect! Healthy lips look hydrated, plump, and age less quickly. 1. Drink Water!  This should be a no brainer, but I think that a lot of time we forget just how important water truly is.  Chapped lips are a sure […]

When I first walked past the Laura Geller Filter Finish Baked Radiant Setting Powder (could that name BE ANY LONGER?) at Ulta I was intrigued. I know color correcting is all the rage right now, so I thought the combination of colors was interesting, but once I swatched it, it immediately reminded me of the […]

You know that moment when your favorite makeup falls off that bathroom counter and hits the cold, hard tile floor? Your heart sinks a little, you take a deep breath as you lean over to pick it up and reveal to yourself whether or not it shattered into a million, powdery pieces.  You open up […]

There are several reasons someone might want to de-pot their lipsticks. You might be missing a cap and it’s a mess, the lipstick could have broken and you don’t care to repair it, it could be ALMOST gone and you want to scrape out the last little remnant, you might want to downsize your collection […]