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1. Ellie When I am exercising a lot I spend a FORTUNE on active wear. Whether I am losing weight and need a smaller size or it is changing seasons and I need new clothes for weather, I always seem to need new exercise clothes. For $49.95 (plus free shipping) Ellie will send you 2 […]

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If you aren’t a huge fan of getting totally decked out for holidays (I am right there with you) but I try not to be a total downer on fun. If you won’t be wearing your brightest green shirt this coming St.Patrick’s (like me) there are plenty of other options to wear your green on […]

My name is Heather and I am a Shopaholic. No seriously… I think I might have a legitimate problem. I have a friend whose husband says she won’t be allowed to hang out with me anymore if I keep taking her shopping! Even though I may be a shopaholic of sorts, I am also a […]

1. Round Bracelet Watch- Mint Target – $12.99 2. Dot Square Case Bangle Watch Target – $19.99 3. Zig Zag Square Case Bangle Watch Target – $19.99 3. Rose Gold Bracelet Watch Target – $19.99 4. Rhinestoned Watch Forever 21 – $18.80 5. Double Chain Link Watch Charlotte Russe – $15.99 6. Double Rhinestone Rubber […]

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The litte black dress is a classic, no doubt. But sometimes it can feel a little dull without the right accessories.  That’s why you’ve gotta dress it up! Make it your own! 1. Statement Jewelry (Source) 2. Blazer (Source) 3. Belt (Source) 4. Scarf (Source) 5. Fun Tights (Source) 6. Bold Shoes (Source)

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I am loving the floral print that I am seeing so much of these days. It makes me feel like spring can’t be that far away, right? It just makes me happy, and I want to share that happy, floral-printy feeling. And like everything I do, I do it for cheap. Most of the links […]

I don’t know why, but I just can’t seem to keep track of my jewelry! It seems like every couple months I am back at Forever 21 (It would be much more often if I lived closer to one) buying a few new pairs of earrings because I suddenly can’t find a match! I suppose […]

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