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Getting healthy can be expensive! Healthy food, gym membership, the attire to look fly at said gym, the list goes on. Fitness trackers can be really motivating, and a fun push to keep you moving, but they are ANOTHER added cost to your healthy lifestyle. Fitbits and Vivo Fit are the great, name brand options, but […]

Fitness bands are ALL craze these days, and its easy to see why. They are a great motivator to help you get moving and track your progress. More and more people are adding fitness trackers to their daily lives for the improvement of their health. Here is a basic rundown of the top fitness trackers […]

For as long as I can remember, I have gotten cold sores. Anyone who gets cold sores can relate, they are THE WORST! They hurt, they are ugly, they are impossible to conceal. I hate them. So when I felt that tingling itch coming on the other day, the feeling of knowing you are about […]

The other day my husband asked if I thought I could make a clean zucchini bread. Since we had come up with a great clean banana bread recipe a while back, I was certain we could adapt a recipe and make it our own. We started with this recipe, because of the extremely good reviews. […]

1. Apples Simply chewing on an apple scrubs your teeth. Plus, the high concentration of malic acid also increases saliva, which also helps to clean teeth. 2. Pineapple Pineapple is the only food that contains bromelain. Bromelain is also effective stain-removing ingredient! 3.  Broccoli Raw broccoli, like an apple, will scrub your teeth. Plus, all […]

1. PORTION CONTROL! To help get portion under control in our house, we did away with all of our large (standard) size dishes and much smaller dishes instead. We eat dinner off of what most people would consider a salad plate. We use these small plates from Ikea. At only 8 inches in diameter, they […]