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When I first saw sneaker wedges I was like, “whaaaa?!” And now… they are kinda growing on me. I have been scouring the internet for the right pair at the right price. My husband keeps asking me. “What are you going to wear those with?” He makes a good point, so I have been doing […]

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1. Puff Paint Flats (Source) 2. Painted Gold Toe Tips (Source) 3. DIY Floral Canvas Shoes (Source) 4. Easy Embellishment (Source) 5. Shoe Clips (Source) 6.Chevron Toe Tips (Source) 7. DIY Dye (Source) 8. Mod Podge Shoes (Source) 9. Geometric Wedge (Source) 10. Sparkle Toe Pumps (Source) 11. DIY Miu Miu Sneakers (Source) 12. Color […]

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The other day I was skimming through one of those gorgeous fashion magazines and drooling over all the pretty things inside. Of course, everything in those magazines in pretty spendy (and gorgeous!). Rather than letting the price tags bum me out, I make it my mission to find similar items to what I see in […]

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1. Round Bracelet Watch- Mint Target – $12.99 2. Dot Square Case Bangle Watch Target – $19.99 3. Zig Zag Square Case Bangle Watch Target – $19.99 3. Rose Gold Bracelet Watch Target – $19.99 4. Rhinestoned Watch Forever 21 – $18.80 5. Double Chain Link Watch Charlotte Russe – $15.99 6. Double Rhinestone Rubber […]

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The litte black dress is a classic, no doubt. But sometimes it can feel a little dull without the right accessories.  That’s why you’ve gotta dress it up! Make it your own! 1. Statement Jewelry (Source) 2. Blazer (Source) 3. Belt (Source) 4. Scarf (Source) 5. Fun Tights (Source) 6. Bold Shoes (Source)

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We all have a few items in our closets that we just don’t wear anymore. Whether it’s because they don’t fit right or are out of style, there are simple ways you can re-vamp those items and make them new/awesome again! 1. Braided Belt (Source) 2. Sequin Heart DIY T Shirt (Source) 3. T-Shirt Dress […]

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  If you aren’t familiar with Birchbox, you have to check it out because I am a little bit in love. It’s a monthly subscription service that sends you samples of high end beauty products. Check it out here! The theme of this month’s box is Red Carpet Ready. Jouer Matte Moisture Tint. This is […]

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The other day I was flipping through a magazine and came across a page of spring totes. A few caught my eye and then I was immediately disappointed when I saw the prices. Yikes! Every now and then I can justify a big splurge for the perfect hand bag, but I just know there are […]

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Shoes are so fun, and am would definitely call myself a collector. The problem is really beautiful shoes can be really expensive. I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford to go splurge on a spendy new pair every time I want to try a new style. I try to spend the big bucks […]

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I am loving the floral print that I am seeing so much of these days. It makes me feel like spring can’t be that far away, right? It just makes me happy, and I want to share that happy, floral-printy feeling. And like everything I do, I do it for cheap. Most of the links […]