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Do you ever put a pair of sunglasses on your face and they just don’t look quite right? Even if one pair doesn’t seem too different from another, the shape of the frames can make a big difference. Round Face If your face is round go for square or rectangular frames to create some contrast. […]

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1. Ellie When I am exercising a lot I spend a FORTUNE on active wear. Whether I am losing weight and need a smaller size or it is changing seasons and I need new clothes for weather, I always seem to need new exercise clothes. For $49.95 (plus free shipping) Ellie will send you 2 […]

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Nothing makes me feel discouraged about the way I look quite like skirts! What’s the deal, skirts?! But here is the sad fact, my (short) curvy shape cannot get away with wearing whatever skirt I feel like wearing. However, wearing the right skirt for your shape can definitely pay off and flatter your figure. Curvy […]

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If you aren’t a huge fan of getting totally decked out for holidays (I am right there with you) but I try not to be a total downer on fun. If you won’t be wearing your brightest green shirt this coming St.Patrick’s (like me) there are plenty of other options to wear your green on […]

Fact: Moms are busy. I remember after my first child was born just thinking, so this is it. It’s yoga pants and and pony tails from here on out. I figured, moms are just frumpy, I guess. Then I became really good friends with another mom who always looked so good. Hair done, wearing cute […]

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We would all love to be clad from head to toe in LuLuLemon when we hit the gym, but for some of us (me!), that is definitely not in the cards. $98 for yoga pants?! Yikes! I would rather put that money toward some fabulous jeans that I work out super hard to squeeze my […]

If you are beginning sewer (like me) you can only make so many baby blankets and pillow cases before you have to move onto something a little more exciting! A great place to start is with a maxi skirt! They are super simple and always cute! 1. Sew Caroline: 10 Minute Maxi-Skirt DIY (Source) 2. […]

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Sometimes finding a cute AND modest swim suit an feel a little impossible. Luckily, (as somewhat of a shopaholic) I have searched high and low for my favorite places to shop for cute, modest, affordable swimwear! 1. 2. 3. Down East Basics 4. 5. Target Like what you see? Tell your friends!

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My name is Heather and I am a Shopaholic. No seriously… I think I might have a legitimate problem. I have a friend whose husband says she won’t be allowed to hang out with me anymore if I keep taking her shopping! Even though I may be a shopaholic of sorts, I am also a […]

We would all love to be able to wear Hunter Rain Boots, but for me $135 is not in the budget. That is a lot of money for rubber boots! But just because you don’t want to splurge on the pricey rain boots doesn’t mean you have to skip the style all together! There are plenty […]

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