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I had a reader contact me asking about why their coconut oil wasn’t whipping up the way they wanted it to, so I figured I may as well write up a post about it. What You Need: 1 cup of coconut oil (or more if you want, the amount doesn’t really matter) Electric mixer with […]

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Lip plumpers are my latest obsession because I just realized, they work! 1. DIY Olive Oil Cinnamon Lip Scrub  (Source) This simple recipe is only 1 tsp. cinnamon, 1 Tbsp. olive oil and 1 Tbsp salt. Mix and apply for 5-10 minutes then rinse. 2. Cinnamon Oil + Clear Lip Gloss (Source) This is the easiest […]

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If you are beginning sewer (like me) you can only make so many baby blankets and pillow cases before you have to move onto something a little more exciting! A great place to start is with a maxi skirt! They are super simple and always cute! 1. Sew Caroline: 10 Minute Maxi-Skirt DIY (Source) 2. […]

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1. Puff Paint Flats (Source) 2. Painted Gold Toe Tips (Source) 3. DIY Floral Canvas Shoes (Source) 4. Easy Embellishment (Source) 5. Shoe Clips (Source) 6.Chevron Toe Tips (Source) 7. DIY Dye (Source) 8. Mod Podge Shoes (Source) 9. Geometric Wedge (Source) 10. Sparkle Toe Pumps (Source) 11. DIY Miu Miu Sneakers (Source) 12. Color […]

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1. Custom Color Nail Polish With Eye Shadow (Source) 2. DIY Glitter Nail Polish (Source) 3. DIY Matte Top Coat  (Source) 4. DIY Magnetic Nail Polish (Source) Like what you see? Tell your friends!

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We all have a few items in our closets that we just don’t wear anymore. Whether it’s because they don’t fit right or are out of style, there are simple ways you can re-vamp those items and make them new/awesome again! 1. Braided Belt (Source) 2. Sequin Heart DIY T Shirt (Source) 3. T-Shirt Dress […]

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As my nail polish collection has grown, so has my need to figure out how the heck to store it all. As I have mentioned before, I love looking at my nail polishes. I have an entire collection of colors I love and I want them to be on display for the world (me) to […]

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1. Hydrating at Home Mask (Source) This easy mask requires only 3 ingredients, oat flour, honey and water. Just mix it all up and throw it on for 15 minutes and you’ll have super soft, hydrated skin. 2. Brazil Peel Mask (Source) This mask is a little more work than just mixing and rubbing it […]

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1. Sequins Headband (Source) 2. Ribbon Chain Headband (Source) 3. Braided Headband (Source) 4. Chanel Inspired Headband (Source) 5. Feather Headband (Source) 6. T Shirt Headband (Source) 7. Crystal Wrapped Headband (Source) 8. Gold Sparkly Headband (Source) 9. Turban Headband (Source) 10. Lace Headband (Source)

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Sometimes I feel like I have so many gorgeous nail polish colors, it’s sort of a shame that I only get to see each one every so often on my nails. I have been keeping an eye out for other ways I can use my pretty nail polish in creative ways so I can see […]

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