Best Eye Shadow Palettes for Beginners

Sometimes picking eye shadow can be really overwhelming. If you are at the drugstore, there are so many brands and aisles upon aisles of makeup and you can’t even touch them to test the color and see what they’re like. For that reason, I prefer to buy my makeup at Sephora or Ulta or a department store where I can touch and try everything before I buy. The makeup will cost more, but for me it’s absolutely worth it to know what I am getting.

However, if you still aren’t sure where to start, let me help! Here are a some of my very favorite palettes that are fantastic for a beginner.

1.  Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette


If I am buying a gift for a friend, sister, mom or any woman in my life, this is the gift they get. I am absolutely in love with this palette. All the shades are matte except for a white shimmery highlighting color. Since the colors are matte, they are easy for anyone to wear. You can do a super basic neutral eye or get fancy with a smokier look. This palette is $27 at Sephora or Ulta. Check out my favorite Naked Basics tutorials here!

2. SmashBox Full Exposure Palette


I am having a love affair with this palette right now. It is just so pretty! I love the awesome range of neutral colors and that there is a shimmery and matte version of each. This palette is extremely versatile, and a great place to start. You can buy it from Ulta or Sephora for $49 or buy it here!

3. Lorac Pro Palette


This is a beautiful palette with rave reviews all over the internet. It features neutral matte and shimmery shades plus some pink and purple if you are ready to be a little more adventurous. The reviews tell it all. You can get it here for $42

4. Too Faced The Chocolate Bar Eye Palette


This palette offers all the neutral shades a beginner could wants PLUS some fun colors to play with too. Best of all, the the shades that you will use EVERY TIME you use the palette are bigger than the others and will last longer! Brilliant! This is a fantastic palette for a beginner who is ready to start experimenting with colors and looks. Buy it here for $49

5. Urban Decay Naked Palette


Okay, I couldn’t write this blog post without mentioning my favorite go-to, the Urban Decay Naked palette. I LOVE Urban Decay shadows, they are so pigmented and silky smooth. I love all the shimmery neutrals and golds in this palette. The many shades give you the opportunity to experiment with endless looks. Get fancy and keep it simple. You cannot go wrong with this palette. Check out my favorite Naked palette tutorials here! You can buy this palette here!

I can’t talk about my favorite palette for beginners without at least mention primer! Eye shadow application will always be easier, smoother and last longer with primer! Check out my favorite primer here!

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