8 Ways to Wear Floral Print for Under $30

I am loving the floral print that I am seeing so much of these days. It makes me feel like spring can’t be that far away, right? It just makes me happy, and I want to share that happy, floral-printy feeling. And like everything I do, I do it for cheap. Most of the links will take you to Forever 21 or Target. Forever 21 and Target are my go-to try something new/trendy store. The clothes are cute and the cost low.

1. Tops

Buy it here for $22.80

2. Jeans

Buy them here for $24.80

3. Skirts

Buy it here for $19.80

4. Scarves

MERONA Multicolor Floral Print Scarf

Buy it here for $14.99

5. Sunglasses

Buy them here for $5.80

6. Oxfords

Buy them here for $26.80

7. Hair Accessories

Buy it here for $3.80

8. Jewelry

Buy it here for $6.80

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