5 Ways to Wear Leopard Print

I LOVE leopard print. LOVE it! I am always looking for more ways to incorporate more leopard print into my style. But I feel like a lot of people are a little scared of it. Maybe they think its too bold, or a little tacky. But I’m here to say, you can do it! Here are my 5 favorite ways to wear leopard print.

1. Flats

Leopard Flats


You can mix and match leopard flats to go with a ton of things. I usually like to wear them with skinny jeans and bold colors on top.

You can snag these at Amazon.com for less than $20

2. Heels


Heels are awesome because you can dress them up or dress them down with jeans. I love heels with this simple outfit because it ads so much interest and makes it fun.

You can get these beauties at Amazon.com for $19.99

3. Scarves



Scarves are my go-to “make myself look put together” accessory. When I’m not in love with an outfit I like to throw on a scarf and that usually does the trick. They are just so fun and pretty!

I would love to post a link to a cheap scarf for you but the fact is cute, inexpensive scarfs are hard to find! I got my leopard scarf at Ross for $4.99, you should do the same!

4. Nails

The easy way to do leopard nails

Picture of Lex Elegance 3D Jeweled Nail Strips (Stickers) - ST22 Brown Leopard

$4.99 Here

The hard way to do leopard nails



5. Pencil Skirt

leopard skirt_denim jacket3


I love pencil skirts, they are so flattering to everyone’s body type.

Merona® Women's Doubleweave Skirt - Assorted Colors

You can snag this one at Target for $22.99

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