5 Ways to Score at the Beauty Counter

1. Go with a specific product in mind

When I am out shopping and a sales associate asks me if they can help me with anything, I almost ALWAYS say, “No, I’m just looking. Thanks.” BUT, when you are out makeup shopping, go with a product in mind and ask for help. Chances are when you engage an employee to assist you, you will likely get helpful suggestions and, best of all, SAMPLES!

2. Recycle empty containers

Don’t throw away your old beauty product containers. M.A.C., Lush and Kiehl’s have recycling programs in which you can trade old, empty containers for free product!

3.  Brand Perks!

If there is a particular brand of makeup you love, or brands you use frequently, sign up for their email updates to receive coupons in your email. Plus, both Benefit  and Fresh will hook you up with a little birthday gift!

4. Order Online

Okay, so that isn’t a “beauty counter” tip necessarily, but when you place orders online from Ultra, Sephora or Birchbox you are given plenty of opportunities to place samples in your online cart. Beside the samples that advertise, before you check out do a Google search for promo codes and see if you can get any other added bonus items added to your order.

5. Time your shopping trip

When you go shopping on a Saturday afternoon you will be sharing the mall with everyone else. If you make your visit to beauty counter during less busy hours you will be able to get much more attention from a sales associate and therefore more opportunities to sample products and take some samples home with you!

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