5 Tutorials Using the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

A few months ago my makeup bag was stolen from my car and I lost a lot of drugstore eye shadows (among other things). Rather than trying to replace several palettes I used every now and then I decided to give the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette a try. It was my first time trying high end eye shadow and I was immediately convinced. The pigment is amazing and a little goes a really long way. What I especially love about the Naked Basics palette is that you can really dress it up for going out or dress it down for a casual day time look. Plus, I love that all but 1 color is matte! I love matte eye shadows.

As I do with all high end products before I bring them home, I did my research. I looked for tutorials and examples of how people more talented than myself are utilizing the product.

1. Naked Basics 3 Ways

I love this tutorial. The dramatic smokey eye at the end is fine, but I like how she shows you a super basic eye, then later ads to the same makeup to create a more dramatic look. This is great to know if you don’t have time to completely re-do makeup but can squeeze in a quick touch up before going out.

2. Pretty & Subtle Eyes

I often fall into the trap of looking at Pinterest too much and getting a little to crazy with my makeup for occasions it just doesn’t match, like a dark smokey eye at the grocery store. This tutorial is great because it demonstrates how pretty a subtle eye can be without making you look over done. This tutorial is less than 5 minutes, watch it.

3. Fresh and Simple 

I love lipstick! The brighter the better, but I still haven’t mastered the look. But that is why I like this tutorial. She demonstrates a great, simple and fresh eye shadow routine to really compliment a bold lip shade.

4. Naked Basics How-To

This is a tutorial actually put out by Urban Decay, so I was interested in what THEY had to say about how to use their own product. The eye look they do is pretty quick, so it might not be the easiest to follow along with, BUT I do like how in the second part they demonstrate how to ad a little color along with the basic look.

5. Smokey Eye

The beauty of this palette is that it is versatile and you can wear it everyday or you can make it fancy-shmancy and really dress it up. This tutorial is quick and fairly simple demonstration of how to get a fabulous smokey cat eye using your Naked Basics palette.

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