5 Tutorials for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette

The beauty world is full of pretty, high quality, warm-toned palettes. But after you’ve collected a few, you pretty much have your bases covered, at least that’s how I was started to feel. But when I saw the ABH Modern Renaissance palette, it caught my attention. Just when I thought I had enough gorgeous shadow palettes to last a life time, I need to add just this one more (yeah right!) to the collection. The quality is fantastic and the combinations of warm browns, oranges, pinks and gold reeled me in. As with any new palette I buy (or am considering buying), I search YouTube to see what the internet’s most talented are doing with it. The ABH Modern Renaissance did not disappoint.

Sultry Warm-Toned Smoky Eyes

Warm Neutral Smoky Eyes

Warm Neutral and Golden Eyes

Golden Bronze Eyes

Dark Smoky Eyes

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  1. Lissa

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