6 Tips to Clean Eating Success

A dramatic change in eating habits can be hard, but when you are talking about switching up your eating habits to be healthier, it is totally worth it. Here are a few of my favorite tips that helped me transition into a clean eating lifestyle.

1. Purge the junk!

If the junk food is in your house, you are MUCH more likely to eat it. This might be tricky if someone in your home isn’t on board with a change in eating habits and they still want processed foods and treats around. Try to help them understand that you are eating clean for your health! If they insist,encourage them to pick things that aren’t as tempting for you. If there is Oreos in my house I will eat them all. If there are crackers or ice cream, I’ll pass. But having none of it around is best of all for everyone!

2. Get everyone on board!

What I love about eating clean is that it isn’t a diet, it is all about eating whole, healthy foods that everyone should be eating anyone. Cook dinners for the whole family that are healthy, even if everyone isn’t trying to lose weight. If you are constantly making a meal for you and a meal for the rest of the family you will get burnt out and fall of the wagon. Simplify!

3. Stock up on fruits and veggies!

When I first started eating clean I could hardly believe the contents of my shopping cart and how easy it was to shop. I bought tons of fruits and vegetables. If they are what you have around the house, it is what you will reach for when you need a snack.

4. Prepare for later

For a lot of people, they need convenience foods, and healthy foods aren’t always convenient. Try cutting up and washing fruits and vegetables all at once or right when you bring them home. That way when you open the fridge for a snack you can grab a bag of sliced strawberries rather than a sugar packed granola bar or greasy chips.

5. Eat when you are hungry

When we dramatically change eating habits we tend to feel hungry. Lucky for me when I was starting out I had a friend eating the same way and losing tons of weight. I told her I hadn’t gotten used to feeling so hungry and she told me that when she was hungry, she ate! She recommended eating some nuts for some protein or grabbing and apple when I felt hungry. This was the BEST ADVICE EVER! It was amazing how much easier it was to eat clean when I wasn’t starving!  When you get really hungry you might get tempted to reach for something unhealthy to satisfy the hunger. Don’t let it come to that, eat when you are hungry.

6. Don’t get bored! Experiment with recipes!

I hate cooking. Which is a shame, because I love eating. Unfortunately, if you eat the same things over and over again, you will get bored and are more likely to fall off the wagon. Try new recipes! some will be total misses and others will become family favorites! When you are looking for a recipe read comments on a blog or the reviews on a site to make sure its a good fit for you. Don’t be afraid to substitute things on recipes you already use.

What do you think Clean Eaters? Agree? Disagree? Am I missing something important?

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