5 Tips to be a Put-Together Mama

Fact: Moms are busy.

I remember after my first child was born just thinking, so this is it. It’s yoga pants and and pony tails from here on out. I figured, moms are just frumpy, I guess. Then I became really good friends with another mom who always looked so good. Hair done, wearing cute outfits, and makeup, at the play ground?! She quickly became the friend who you didn’t want to be caught wearing yoga pants with and I always tried a little harder when I knew I was going to be around her.

Fast forward 4 years, and I think I have almost mastered the art of being a put-together mom, and it doesn’t take tons of time, because we all know moms don’t have tons of time. Here are my 5 quick, simple tips to being a put-together, busy mom.

1. Don’t wash Your hair daily

If you are a mom washing your hair every day, you are likely the mom who is also wearing lots of pony tails. Stop it. Go a day or two between washes, and if you can, shower at night after the kids are in bed. Let it air dry before you go to sleep so when you wake up you can flat iron or curl it. Make best friends with DRY SHAMPOO!!!

2. Pass on the low pony

Us moms tend to fall into the low pony trap. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s (usually) frumpy. Step away. Play with sock buns and other second day hair ideas. These styles don’t take long but they are pretty and make you look like you’ve got stuff together.

3. Wear light, easy makeup

I feel like some women tend to give up on makeup because doing your whole face up is a lot of work. But for every day living, when you’re out with your kids you don’t need to be done ALL up. But do take the time to put on some mascara and some blush and/or bronzer. It will automatically make you look more awake (even though us moms are almost always exhausted), and put together. Finish with a pretty nude gloss or a tinted chap stick. That takes all of 3 minutes. If you can leave a few minutes early, you can spend a few minutes doing your makeup in the car.

4. Dress that part

Is it really that much easier to put on yoga pants and a hoodie? The answer is no. Put on some jeans, and a cute pair of comfortable flats. You can’t go wrong with a pair of jeans and nude flats. If your child bearing has taken it’s toll on your body (like me) and you don’t feel like you can wear cute clothes, try Spanx (the BEST shapewear)! I wear them every single day to keep everything in nice and tight and I am obsessed!

5. Paint your nails

Okay, I’m not sure most people will even notice if you painted your nails or not, but there is just something about having my nails painted that make me feel like I look like i’ve got it together. Finding time to paint your nails is tricky, so here is my secret! When we are driving somewhere in the car more than 15-20 minutes away, I load everyone up and then paint my nails before we go. That way they have time to dry before I need to handle the kids.

So what do you think? Are these tips doable? I’m not telling you to get up extra early or anything! Just simple tips to help you look and feel a little better!

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15 thoughts on “5 Tips to be a Put-Together Mama

  1. xo Dee

    Yes, totally doable! There really is no excuse to fall into the frumpy mom trap. I have found that my showers may be a bit farther these days, and my hair doesn’t always have that nice bounce. But even that third day dirty hair looks cute with well fitting jeans, and an accessory. The trick is staying away from combining gross hair, and crappy clothes. One or the other.. but never both!

  2. DeAnna

    I’m pregnant now, and don’t want to fall into the “frumpy mom” look. I already do number 5. My husband thinks I’m crazy, but it makes total sense because I don’t have to touch anything other than the steering wheel for 20 minutes, so they don’t get messed up. I’m a lucky woman who doesn’t have to wash her hair but every three days, hope that stays the same once the little one arrives. Hope I can do the other items as well. 🙂

    1. Heather Post author

      Thanks for reading and congratulations on the pregnancy! If you already are painting your nails in the car you are well on your way to being a hot momma!

      1. Jenny V.

        I agree with the points you mentioned above. I think it’s necessary and important to maintain ourselves. I tend to apply nail polish when my little one has just gone down for her nap or if her dad has her for a bit on the weekend while I’m at home doing other things in the house. I don’t agree with painting one’s nails inside the car though when the passengers (your children are left to breathe in toxic fumes at the expense of your vanity!). I have painted nails before I leave to go somewhere prior to having my daughter but always on the porch (I only use nail polish outdoors). You can strap the kids in, give them a toy or book and do it before getting into the car, then crack the windows because the smell is horrendous! Not suitable for a pregnant woman to be wearing or breathing in for her fetus! I didn’t wear nail polish until my daughter was past the finger sucking stage (nail polish contains lead among other toxic chemicals even within the ones that eliminate the main toxic ingredients). Just a thought.

  3. angie

    Also you can have a nice haircut that does not need that much maintenance and have a really nice perfume in your bag that you can spray on anytime that will make you look and feel Put-Together.

  4. Sarah

    I love this! Simple but great advice. My first kid is now 8 months and I feel stuck in pjs all day and only looking halfway decent on weekends. I rarely wear make up now but even a little mascara makes me feel better. I love that you said to paint your nails, that’s the one thing I’ve kept up and makes me feel good.

  5. Marci

    Definitely need to start the nail painting! I always make sure my toe nails are painted but need to do my fingers too! Love your tips, Heather!

  6. chelsie

    I am a mother of twins and we are going through the terrible two stage as well as potty training so these tips def helped me through all of the chaos and still look cute! I ALWAYS have done my nails bc u are right it makes YOU feel better and when you have children (especially multiples) u want to still feel good and look good no matter what age u r thank u so much!!

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  8. Eva

    As a mom of twin girls and a boy (all under 7yrs old) it was easy for me to forget about myself. So I started dressing myself first and doing a five minute face :powder, mascara and lip gloss. I would time myself then I would get the kids ready. this little adjustment made me feel put together because no matter what -the kids will always look cute and you’re the one that’s going to look crazy! LOL! So love ya self a bit!

    1. Heather Post author

      Good for you taking your time to take care of yourself! A few minutes can make a big difference in how you feel.

  9. K

    Absolutely doable but I haven’t masters the art of having lip gloss AND loose hair. How do you do it? I keep getting lip gloss in my hair and it’s hard to give the baby all those kisses when your wearing gloss. What do you do when you cook? If I’m not wearing my hair up it WILL end up in the food and an elastic will mess up the hair. Teach me 

    1. Jenny V.

      Use a hair clip and loosely clip your hair when you need to (everyone’s hair is different). Mine is straight and shows the kinks easily. Definitely important when cooking, bathing your child, etc. Only now that my daughter is 2.5 and in pre-school full time do I actually wear my hair down all day again. As for lipgloss, I would wear it only when my hair was in a high ponytail out of my face but mainly I’d just use a lip balm or tinted lip balm of some kind because it’s less sticky. I saved the gloss and lipstick for when I had the rare chance to meet a friend or run an errand while my hubby was watching our little one. Just do your best! I also love the half up, half down hairstyle because it keeps hair mainly out of my face and still looks pretty. I give it a little curl then after the hair it tied with an elastic I tie a black bow around it and it looks polished with minimal effort. Hope that helps!

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