5 Tips for Healthy Nails

Nails are one of those things, like hair, that you think just growing them wouldn’t be that tricky. But somehow, it kind of takes a lot of effort on my part to grow healthy, pretty, strong nails. I have gathered my 5 favorite tips into one place so that you can know what I have learned.

1. File in ONE direction Instead of filing back and forth, just file in one direction to prevent nails from splitting.

2. Supplements I have heard a lot of different things about whether or not supplements will really help you grow healthy nails. I did some reading and here’s the deal. Research shows that biotin is helpful to weak brittle nails, but don’t do much for strong healthy nails. So interpret that how you want, but I am going to keep taking my Hair Skin and Nails supplement.

3. Moisturize Not just your hands, but your nails and cuticles too. Finger nails are like skin and hair, they can get dried out. If you are super serious about your moisturizing you can sleep in cotton gloves at night to lock in the moisture.

4. Beware of Acetone

 That’s a tricky one for us nail polish lovers who like to change the polish often. There are acetone free nail polish removers available that will be less drying and damaging to your nails.

5. Use Nail Polish A coat of nail polishes actually locks moisture in your nails and keeps them strong and healthy.

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2 thoughts on “5 Tips for Healthy Nails

  1. Shahabaz Ahammad

    Nice tips to get secured and healthy nails.It helps me a lot and am trying to do with these tips,in human body nails also a one of the best part of creating a beautiful looks to the hands.

  2. Georgeann Minerich

    Just file once a week. Depending on genes, nails may break easily. Nails often break if they are uneven, and nails naturally grow unevenly. So stash files everywhere, and whenever you see unevenness, file them all to the same length, shape, and size…-;

    Catch you around


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