5 Reasons Your Foundation Looks Bad

Do you ever wonder why your foundation just doesn’t look good? Why a product that looks so great on someone else doesn’t look the same on you? The thing is, foundation can be a lot more complicated than you might think! I know, that sounds a little dramatic. But it’s the truth. So allow me to share with you what I have learned from A LOT of trial and error so your foundation can always look flawless.

Know your skin type.

Foundation is not universal. Not every product will work for every skin type. If your skin is dry, you will want to use a foundation that is hydrating and won’t get caked up on your dry patches. If your skin is oily, you probably won’t want to use anything that will add dewiness or shine to your complexion because you already have it naturally. Know your skin and do your research before investing in a foundation. If your skin is neither dry nor oily, you are normal and you can probably make almost anything work for you.

Get the right product. 

Aside from getting the correct product for your skin type, you also want to get a foundation that  will give you the finish you are looking for. I love the look of a luminous, dewy foundation and will always buy a foundation that advertises that sort of look. On the other end, you will see foundations that are intended to give you a matte finish. If you have an idea of what finish you want, you will definitely want to shop accordingly. Read more about finding your perfect foundation here!

Choose your tool wisely.

Applying your foundation with different tools will give your makeup a different look. If you are looking for a full coverage, flawless finish, try a damp Beauty Blender. If you want a more sheer to medium coverage, but still smooth and beautiful, finish try applying your foundation with a great foundation brush like a Sigma Flat Top Kabuki. I am honestly not a huge believer in really expensive makeup brushes, I think $3 Elf Brushes almost always do the job just fine. But when it comes to foundation application, a great tool makes a huge difference and quality really counts.

Prep and Prime! 

Before we even talk about primers, lets talk about prepping your face. For the best application possible start with a freshly washed, clean, moisturized face. After you’ve given your moisturizer some time to absorb you can prime for foundation. There are TONS of primers out there that all do kinds of different things. There are primers that moisturize and illuminate, fills pores, reduce redness, evens skin tone, keeps you matte….the list goes on. Identify you skin’s needs and prime accordingly. 

Trial and Error

Unfortunately, sometimes even if you are doing everything “right” some things are just duds. If you are looking for high end foundations, ask for samples before you buy or even go into the store with a clean face and try it out then and there. Take advantage of stores with excellent return polices, like Nordstrom or Sephora.

Have you mastered your flawless-face foundation routine? What works for you? What doesn’t?

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  1. Elena

    Help i have lost totally control of my face skin im not sure what skin type i have my face looks nasty oily dry oily. It looks like it has a funvus or something just nasty


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