5 Quick Makeup Fixes for Common Mistakes

1. Too much blush

If you look in the mirror and realize you went a little crazy in the blush department, use a clean powder brush and make circles around the cheek area to diffuse the color. Don’t use your fingers, as the natural oils can make a big blotchy mess.

2. Smeared mascara and eyeliner

If you already have your eye shadow on, use a dry q-tip to wipe away a smudge. If you don’t have a  q-tip you can use your pinky finger to make a little smudge look like winged eyeliner or rub it in a make it work as part of your look.

3. Melting makeup

If you feel like your face is melting away in the sun, carry a blotting paper with you and blot away the oils to maintain a clean, fresh look. If you don’t have blotting paper you can use a clean toilet seat cover in a pinch! You can also try a setting mist to keep everything in its place.

4. Too much perfume

If you find yourself to be a little too fragrant, dip a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and wipe away some of the perfume from where you sprayed it. Easy!

5. Streaky self tanner

Self tanner can be tricky sometimes if you aren’t careful, if you find yourself with a streaky tan don’t panic! Use a gritty exfoliator to wash away the troubled areas. Afterward, apply a tinted moisturizer to even it all out. To learn how to get a perfect sunless tan, click here.

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