5 Makeup Brushes Every Beginner Needs

There are A LOT of makeup brushes out there. Like a WHOLE lot. Knowing which ones do what and what ones you need can be a little intimidating at times. This is a quick and simple guide to what makeup brushes you really need and what they are for. The brushes I recommend are all Morphe brushes because of the price point and quality.

Foundation & Concealer


I am a big believer in using a tool rather than your hands to apply your foundation to get a smoother, more even application. A damp Beauty Blender is a fantastic multi-tasker that gives you a flawless foundation and concealer finish. There are plenty of other beauty sponges out there that probably work great, but Beauty Blender is my favorite and what I recommend. If you are looking for a brush for your foundation, I recommend the Morphe M439.



I feel like bronzer is the most overlooked and most underused makeup. A little bronzer applied in the right places ads dimension, warmth and structure to your face. But thats a different rant for a different day. The Morphe M527 is my favorite brush to use for quick bronze on the perimeter of the face. It could also double as a tool to apply your setting powder.



For blush application I prefer to use an angled blush brush, the Morphe M435. I like that way an angled brush lets me be precise using the point, or use the whole thing to really blend it out.

Shadow Brush


I am in a hurry to get ready I will only use one brush for eye shadow and that is the Morphe M433. Its great for popping a neutral shade or two to the crease to add dimension to the eye and in a pinch you can use it to apply and blend out an all over lid color.

You really could stop here and you’d have all the brushes you need for a quick, simple face. But because I love highlighting so, so much I will recommend a great highlighting brush too.



The Morphe M509 is a great brush for applying your highlight to the high points of your face. A smaller brush helps to keep your highlight a little more precise, if that’s the look you are going for, but I like my glow to be a little bigger and bolder so this is my brush of choice.

What are your favorite can’t-live-without makeup brushes?

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