5 Free Ways to Freshen Your Look

I love change, especially when it comes to fun changes like hair color or new fun makeup! But those things ALL cost money, and springing for something fun and new is not always an option. Fortunately, there are plenty of fun ways to freshen up your look for free!

1. Move Your Part

If you are always parting on the side, part it down the center while your hair is still wet. If you are always center parting, give a side part a try. This is especially great if you are feeling bored with your hair, but aren’t quite ready for a big change.



2. Learn HOW to Use Your Makeup

I would venture to say that almost every girl has some¬†makeup sitting around, maybe even some stuff that you aren’t even currently using. Learning to use your makeup correctly and to it’s fullest potential can be a game changer. You’ve probably seen this image floating around Pinterest.



Don’t be a victim of bad makeup application. Take some time to watch tutorials on YouTube to brush up on the areas you feel like you are lacking in knowledge. Makeup can do amazing things!

3. Try a Home Facial

If your skin is looking dull, dry or problematic, try doing a home facial using things you already have sitting around the house. You might be surprised what a little TLC for you skin do for your overall appearance. Plus, it’s always fun to pamper yourself a little.



4. Give Yourself a Mani/Pedi

Although it may not be something other notice about you necessarily, it always feels so nice to have your finger and toes freshly manicured and pedicured. I’m not talking about just a quick coat of paint. Take the time to soak, and clean up your cuticles.





5. Whiten Your Teeth at Home

Whitening your teeth is a great way to freshen up your looks and give you a little confidence boost. To whiten your teeth at home you don’t need expensive strips from the store. There are a lot of great ways to whiten your teeth using products you already have. Check out this blog post featuring some of these methods.



What are your go-to beauty pick-me-ups? Which of these are you going to try to freshen up your look?

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