5 Fabulous Tutorials to Make the Most of Your Urban Decay Naked Palette

After falling in love with my Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette and I had been seriously eying the Naked and Naked2 palettes. I will admit it, $50 for a palette is spendy, but it is pretty worth it! The colors last forever! I seriously have barely dipped into any of the colors and I use either my Naked or Naked Basics palette every day. They are super pigmented and a little goes a very long way. If you don’t believe me, stop by Sephora sometime and give it a try, you’ll see!

All that being said, I am not a makeup artist. I’m a busy mom that tries her hardest not to look tired and frumpy all day. As soon as I brought home my new palette, you better believe I was all up on the Pinterest looking for tutorials to make the most of my new found wealth of high end eye shadows. Here are a few of my favorites!

1. Naked in the Day Time



So many of the tutorials you see for the Naked palette are really, really made up, fabulous smokey eyes. I love a good smokey eye, but smokey eye at work, or school or the park might look a little over done. I love this tutorial for simple, everyday glam using pretty golds.

 2. Smokey Eyes

If you are going for a great night time made up look, this is super pretty and fairly simple. I love YouTube video tutorials because you really get to watch the process step-by-step.

3.  Every Day Eyes

This tutorial is a bit of a time investment (11 minutes), but the girl is funny and the makeup is pretty. The tutorial is a great everyday look and isn’t too made up, but still makes you look polished and pretty.

4. Neutral Smokey Eyes

I love this tutorial. This girl always puts out really great tutorials, so whenever you see her face you know it will be good. She uses neutral shades from the Naked palette to create a really pretty and really SIMPLE (to do) look.

5. Bronze and Gold Bold Eyes

This is really is a bold an glamorous look if you want to try something a little different and aren’t feeling the usual gray smokey eyes. I love watching this tutorial because she has one eye done and the other is a work in progress.

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