5 Budget Fitness Trackers – $30 or less!

Getting healthy can be expensive! Healthy food, gym membership, the attire to look fly at said gym, the list goes on. Fitness trackers can be really motivating, and a fun push to keep you moving, but they are ANOTHER added cost to your healthy lifestyle. Fitbits and Vivo Fit are the great, name brand options, but they come at a price. They cost anywhere from $75-$150. If you are wanting to drop a little less cash, but invest in a well rated fitness tracker, check out some of these much more affordable options.

Mi Band – $19.99


Check it out here 

ForestFish Smart Bracelet – $29.99


Check it out here

Pivotal Living Band – $15


Check it out here 

niceEshop Fitness Tracker – $14.59


Check it out here

Juboury Fitness Tracker – $29.99


Check it out here

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