5 Best Places to Buy Modest Swimwear

Sometimes finding a cute AND modest swim suit an feel a little impossible. Luckily, (as somewhat of a shopaholic) I have searched high and low for my favorite places to shop for cute, modest, affordable swimwear!

1. DivinitaSole.com

2. LimeRicki.com


3. Down East Basics

4. Hapari.com


5. Target


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3 thoughts on “5 Best Places to Buy Modest Swimwear

  1. June

    Surprisingly Walmart also has a decent selection of cute “retro” style bathing suits this year as well. I had trouble finding cute and not motherly looking swimwear, since I am in college, but spend much of my summer helping with a church youth group where modesty is quite important. Imagine my surprise when Walmart of all places ha the 50s style suit I had been looking for. Great list, by the way!


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